A Reflection on Narratives, Truth, and Justification.

[and growing up in a cult?]

Afterimages is a collection of 13 poems. This is my first collection of poetry to be released to the public. It is available for free, as either a 32-page chapbook or a 15-track audiobook. The chapbook has poems laid out over photos in a pseudo-collage. The audiobook has added sound design to make certain poems more immersive.

There are two PDFs available for the chapbook. One is each page in linear order, ideal for reading on a computer or tablet. The other has pages laid out for binding your own physical copy. Simply print it out double-sided, flipping along the short edge, trim off excess white space, fold in half, and bind with your preferred method. Physical copies are available through my Patreon.

There is an audiobook version available as either a ZIP of separate MP3s for each poem, or as a single Apple Audiobook format file.