Dankbriv is my first full-length poetry book, collecting my best poems from the past three years which have not yet been published in a chapbook. The poems in this book were Patreon exclusives, poems written for my scrapped (E)Stranged Earth chapbook of Marxist poetry, and poems previously published in now-defunct indie literary magazines; as well as a few completely new poems. The book is 80 pages long, including 77 pages of poetry, and a variety of open source, creative commons, and public domain illustrations.

There is no singular theme for this book, instead poems are sorted into chapters based on themes of love, longing, disability, queerness, Autism, Hair Skin and Nails; Alienated Labor, inciting riots, looking ahead to a grim and hopeful future, rivers, geography, and poetry about being an essential worker during the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the poems is in Yiddish and many of the poems draw from Judaism.

Download Dankbriv on Itch.Io