Two New Poems (One is a chapbook)

New Chapbook: Alef el-Tav I’ve got a new chapbook out. Alef el-Tav is one long 22-stanza poem I wrote over the course of the Jewish High Holidays 5780. It’s a lot of prayer to G-d. I’ll be recording an audio version soon. I got published in Paintbucket Magazine again It’s a poem from (E)stranged Earth: … Continue reading “Two New Poems (One is a chapbook)”


Hello! I’ve been far more active on my Patreon lately, lots of new poems on there including two poems a month!! But more importantly I’ve been added last minute to the setlist of the PROLETARIAN POETRY PARTY at the Wooden Shoe this Wednesday, October 2nd, 7pm, at the Wooden Shoe, 705 South St Philadelphia. More … Continue reading “SEE ME READ POETRY LIVE!! + NEW PUBLISHED POEM!!”

Patreon, BUILD Poetry Zine, and WordPress

Hello! It’s been a whole year since I last posted an update here. Wild! I’ve been super busy with grad school on top of full-time work, but then, also, I got diagnosed with a chronic degenerative musco-skeletal disorder, which kinda put a stall on my life. Right now I’m recovering from surgery, preparing for physical … Continue reading “Patreon, BUILD Poetry Zine, and WordPress”

Jovian Flesh and Fauna, Fuckcore, Housekeeping

I Have a new chapbook out!! I’m so excited to release my new chapbook: Jovian Flesh & Fauna. This chapbook is an experiment in alien empathy and my final confessional on cults. It’s been in the works for well over a year now and it’s finally ready to read. Follow the “learn more” link for … Continue reading “Jovian Flesh and Fauna, Fuckcore, Housekeeping”

Catch me on Mile Wide Club!

Hey all! I was a guest on the wonderful media-analysis podcast Mile Wide Club hosted by the incredible FST. In it we use the 90s magical girl anime Cardcaptor Sakura as an avenue to discuss fatalism, mystical queerness, and masculine caretaking. We also learn some great ways to reject suitors. Give it a listen! To-Dos: … Continue reading “Catch me on Mile Wide Club!”