Patreon, BUILD Poetry Zine, and WordPress

Hello! It’s been a whole year since I last posted an update here. Wild! I’ve been super busy with grad school on top of full-time work, but then, also, I got diagnosed with a chronic degenerative musco-skeletal disorder, which kinda put a stall on my life. Right now I’m recovering from surgery, preparing for physical therapy, and by the end of the summer I’ll be moving to Philadelphia for an internship, which means leaving my full-time work + part-time grad school hell and having a lot more time, hopefully.


I launched a Patreon! Since I’ll have more time, I figured I could put more work into my current poetry project: The overly pretentious title is E(STRANGE)D//SELF (formatting and title tentative) and is basically poetry about estranged labor. Finally, a project not about cults! The big thing about this Patreon is it’s finally a way for me to systematize getting people print copies of my chapbooks. If you want a print copy of any of my chapbooks, or, if you want access to exclusive or early patron-only poems and other writing content, pledge to my Patreon! The Patreon might be getting more frequent blogpost updates than this website, so be sure to check it often whether you pledge or not.

BUILD Poetry Zine

One of my poems, “Hot Dog Walker”, was published in the BUILD Poetry Zine. The editor said it was his favorite poem in the whole chapbook. IMO Every poem in the chapbook is pretty dang good so check it out.

WordPress migration

I borked up my old Jekyll site so I’ve finally decided to just migrate to WordPress. It’s not as individualized and charming but it means I can post an update without spending hours fussing with a command prompt. If you notice anything missing or broken lease let me know!

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