Two New Poems (One is a chapbook)

New Chapbook: Alef el-Tav I’ve got a new chapbook out. Alef el-Tav is one long 22-stanza poem I wrote over the course of the Jewish High Holidays 5780. It’s a lot of prayer to G-d. I’ll be recording an audio version soon. I got published in Paintbucket Magazine again It’s a poem from (E)stranged Earth: … Continue reading “Two New Poems (One is a chapbook)”

Jovian Flesh and Fauna, Fuckcore, Housekeeping

I Have a new chapbook out!! I’m so excited to release my new chapbook: Jovian Flesh & Fauna. This chapbook is an experiment in alien empathy and my final confessional on cults. It’s been in the works for well over a year now and it’s finally ready to read. Follow the “learn more” link for … Continue reading “Jovian Flesh and Fauna, Fuckcore, Housekeeping”