Better Everyday

Hey!! Hey!!! Heeeeeey!!!

My dear friend Crisian Colocho (aka Chosa!!) has been working soooo hard on a ~secret project~ and guess what!! Guess!!! What!!!

The first episode has dropped! of! Our new podcast miniseries! Better Everyday

Better Everyday is a new 5 part miniseries from Stipes Radio, this is episode one. Our goal with this show is help folks who may be unaware of mental health resources be more aware and hopefully provide some insights and maybe a little faith for those looking to get started. This isn’t a cohesive guide, but it’s a start.

We got all the recording done before classes started so youuuu get to have new Shel (& Chosa) content coming out whiiiile I’m still in grad school >:3c (“Nice!!” you think. And you’d be right! It is!)

The first episode is about care, engagement, and uhhh “yoni eggs” (it was #trending at the time!!) It’s super good whenever I listen to it I laugh super hard and also feel enlightened and bettered cuz it’s JUST SO GOOD.

So listen to Better Everyday Episode 1: Care and subscriiiibe for more!! It’s a mini-series, 5 super high-quality episodes!! So it’s not gonna clutter yr routine!! Listen to iiiit!!!

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