Dankbriv: My New Book is Now Out!

I’m so pleased to announce that my first full-length poetry book is now completed and published online for free for you to read. You can learn more over at https://workingdog.itch.io/dankbriv or at https://shelraphen.com/dankbriv I put a lot of labor and love into this book and it’s finally finished. It compiles the poems I wrote for … Continue reading “Dankbriv: My New Book is Now Out!”

NEW CHAPBOOK OUT NOW: Poems that are not about coronavirus disease 2019

Hi everyone!! I have a new chapbook out for free/pay-what-you-want over on itch.io! https://workingdog.itch.io/not-about-covid19 A chapbook of 18-or-so poems, across 14 pages + full-color cover and back-cover. I wrote this during the last week before my library closed, and then while in self-quarantine due to exposure to someone exhibiting COVID-like symptoms. Inside you will find … Continue reading “NEW CHAPBOOK OUT NOW: Poems that are not about coronavirus disease 2019”


https://itch.io/jam/poetry-jam-february-2020/rate/579129 My new Chapbook for @hologramvin’s February Poetry Jam 2020 is PUBLISHED! WOO!It’s a 40-page book of mostly haiku about trains and trolleys and lotsa stuff but mostly about family, memory, and moving on.I will be recording an audiobook version to be released as a patreon-exclusive very soon. https://itch.io/jam/poetry-jam-february-2020/rate/579129