NEW CHAPBOOK OUT NOW: Poems that are not about coronavirus disease 2019

poems that are not about coronavirus disease 2019 by shel raphen

Hi everyone!! I have a new chapbook out for free/pay-what-you-want over on!

A chapbook of 18-or-so poems, across 14 pages + full-color cover and back-cover. I wrote this during the last week before my library closed, and then while in self-quarantine due to exposure to someone exhibiting COVID-like symptoms.

Inside you will find fantasies about the lives of squirrels, moments from the library, facts about frogs, Hebrew etymology, the wisdom of King Solomon, romantic longing, and many ways that I try to find hope in evidence of the passage of time. None of the poems are directly about COVID-19, but like in real life, it’s impossible to not see it lurking in the background.

There are two downloadable PDF files. One has one page per page, and is compressed and formatted for digital reading such as on a phone. The other, labeled “for print” has each page as a two-page spread and is intended to be printed out on landscape US-letter sized paper.

At some point an audio recording of this chapbook will become available on my Patreon:

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