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So as I’ve been going to more poetry readings and such, I’ve found that my old domain was basically impossible to communicate orally. “spooky dot camp slash tilde shell ee” told you nothing about how to spell it, and also I don’t even go by Shelley outside of my day job anymore. And nobody knew how to spell it. And I had to explain what a tilde is.

I also agreed to host and build a website for a project with a friend. So I was buying some hosting anyway.

Sooo, I decided to buy a domain and start hosting Datapup myself.

The new domain, where after this post all new content will be going, is

Also, you may notice, everything is colorful now! I went through and finally gave this place some character, and also fixed some color contrast issues. So that lets me strike some stuff off my to-do. Of course as this usually goes, as much seems to go on as off.

I sure wish I had done this before buying a hundred business cards with the old domain on them but hey it was only tenbux and i can just write the new one on the back when i hand it to someone.

Thank you Evan so so so much for hosting me all this time <3 <3 <3 you’re the best and one of my favorite people in the world and I’m so so grateful.

If you want to see my To-Dos then they are after the Read More.


  • Add design elements, such as colors. Increase contrast on header.
  • Accessibility stuff.
  • Write “Intro to Boundaries for People Who Don’t Understand Boundaries” essay
  • “Minimum Living” budget calculator
  • Letters to your past self
  • That novel I said I’ve been working on.
  • Horror chapbook
  • Fix Feminiscience page to not be awful.
  • Mystery project

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