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Sooo… you may have heard of a certain project called Mastodon. A decentralized social network which made the front pages of Motherboard.vice… The Verge… Forbes… you know… little sites like that.

Well, I’ve been contributing to Mastodon for a while. Writing copy and helping out the lead dev and… well… all the media attention has kinda gotten me sucked up into spending all my time helping out with Mastodon to the point that I haven’t been working on any of my other projects. I’d kinda hit writer’s block with most of them anyway.

Anyway, the big Hot Take on Mastodon is that we are not twitter and therefore doomed to fail. I decided to write a counter, on Medium, because sure. If you’re gonna argue with journalists might as well join them in their arena.

You can read my article here: Why Mastodon Can’t Fail

Anyway my Mastodon main is follow me and #JoinMastodon


  • Mastodon Onboarding Modals (and other mastodon stuff probably)
  • Write “Intro to Boundaries for People Who Don’t Understand Boundaries” essay
  • “Minimum Living” budget calculator
  • Letters to your past self
  • That novel I said I’ve been working on.
  • Horror chapbook
  • Fix Feminiscience page to not be awful.
  • Mystery project

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