Catch me on Mile Wide Club!

Hey all!

I was a guest on the wonderful media-analysis podcast Mile Wide Club hosted by the incredible FST.

In it we use the 90s magical girl anime Cardcaptor Sakura as an avenue to discuss fatalism, mystical queerness, and masculine caretaking. We also learn some great ways to reject suitors.

Give it a listen!


  • Onboarding modals design write-up
  • Learn Node.JS and upgrade SorryBot
  • Make Valerie into a Tracery-based Mastodon bot
  • Jovian Flesh & Fauna poetry chapbook
  • Write “Intro to Boundaries for People Who Don’t Understand Boundaries” essay
  • “Minimum Living” budget calculator
  • Letters to your past self
  • Fix Feminiscience pages to not be awful.
  • Mystery project (may or may not ever happen)

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