SorryBot Lives!

Hey! I’ve got some unexpected news! My apology-generating bot is now a living chattering bot on Mastodon! [Note from future: it died] I’ve always wanted to make a twitterbot, but my bots tend to be too verbose for 140 characters. Mastodon is the perfect place for SorryBot to live! You can follow SorryBot on Mastodon at!!

This new version is written in a Tracery grammar and hosted by a friend’s app. At some point I want to learn node.js and use George Buckenham’s Tracery Node library to make Polly into a more robust bot that can respond to mentions with apologies specific to input text (like what happens on the version hosted here). Once I do that, I’ll also be able to port Valerie into a Mastodon bot as well. She’ll be more useful there and also will conveniently promote Sailing Rough Waters some more (remember that? Man, I sure wish I was still that cool).

In other news, I finished my onboarding modals for Mastodon. At some point I’m going to do a write-up on the pedagogy that went into their design. For now, if you join Mastodon you’ll be greeted my modals.

My horror chapbook is still chugging along. It has a name now! Jovian Flesh & Fauna. Hopefully now that my Mastodon modals are done, I can step back from Mastodon development and focus more on poetry.

Finally, I will be appearing as a guest on Mile Wide Club, a podcast about media discourse. I’ll be talking about Cardcaptor Sakura, masculine caretaking, and fatalistic queerness. Keep an eye out for when that episode goes up! I’ll make a post here and on my social media accounts when it happens. In the meantime, I highly recommend listening to the most recent episode where comic artist Grace Willey talks Moomins and displacement.


  • Mastodon Onboarding Modals (and other mastodon stuff probably)
  • Onboarding modals design write-up
  • Make SorryBot into a Tracery-based Mastodon bot (totally something I was planning all along hush)
  • Learn Node.JS and upgrade SorryBot
  • Make Valerie into a Tracery-based Mastodon bot
  • Jovian Flesh & Fauna poetry chapbook
  • Write “Intro to Boundaries for People Who Don’t Understand Boundaries” essay
  • “Minimum Living” budget calculator
  • Letters to your past self
  • That novel I said I’ve been working on. (I didn’t finish this I’m just canceling it because the horror chapbook fills the same hole in my heart)
  • Fix Feminiscience pages to not be awful.
  • Mystery project (may or may not ever happen)

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